Black & White – Style Me Pretty feature!

Black & White Urban Affair

A black and white affair with a vintage flair set against an urban backdrop. This wedding could not have been 10854396_10104684469367768_7984529009342449850_omore picturesque! Not surprising that every last detail was designed by the designer couple themselves, Morgan Marie and Chris… Sweet. Yes, Sweet! A fitting last name for this stunning couple.

Everything tied in perfectly, we love the mural hanging “We seem to have been designed for each other” and the symbolic S painting… The dark cool venue with a trumpet band and a first dance song that says “If I couldn’t have you I’d rather be alone.” The tears, the simple lines, the brick wall, the hanging bulbs, and the greek-like goddess dress that no one could take their eyes off…it was all spot on.

Chris and Morgan, may that sparkle and joy never fade from your eyes. You were, indeed, meant for each other.

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