Jonathan & Stephanie

Their Story

Jonathan & Stephanie

Our San Francisco wedding videography team filmed the wedding of Jonathan and Stephanie at the Olympia’s Valley Estate in Petaluma, California, just outside of the Bay Area along with Bravo Weddings, Jessica Christie Photography, Bewilder Floral, and Downbeat LA.

Location: Bay Area/NorCal

Petaluma, California,

Venue: Olympia’s Valley Estate

Film Category: Highlight Film


Thank you to Amor in Motion for capturing our wedding day video and making our vision come true and better than we could’ve ever imagined! Their creative direction and engaging storytelling made it easy to choose them. We were specifically impressed with their transitions with matching the music and clips, along with the closeups, reactions, and emotions that they captured so effortlessly. We received so many comments from family and friends saying how much they enjoyed watching our video, saying how they felt like they were there that day (which was extra special for our loved ones who couldn’t make it that day), and how it made them feel all kind of emotions (and even cry)! We selected them because of their unique direction in producing a fun and engaging video. Honestly, their work is nothing quite like what we’ve ever seen from all other companies.

We didn’t want to settle for a typical wedding day video with just a timeline of events. We particularly liked their editing style with creative transitions and cinematic scene cuts, which we felt keeps the audience interested and engaged, especially nowadays with everyone’s short attention spans where it’s too easy to just want to click or move on to the next thing. We originally had a limited videographer budget, but once we started researching more into different vendors and seeing all the same similar styles, we kept revisiting Amor In Motion’s work and realized that their pricing was reasonable and comparative to others in the industry. Ultimately we chose them because we trusted that they’ll be delivering a unique one-of-a-kind video that we’ll always look back on with awe.

Their editing offices are in Chicago, but they have videographers all over so ours was based locally in the Bay Area. Mari was our main POC in their office and from the get-go, she was always very responsive and a pleasure to work with. We had fun completing their video questionnaire (asked to complete before the wedding) and we could see the effort they put into making that document to get to know the couple and their style/likes/dislikes, so they could better prepare, film, and edit. Andrew and David were professional, kind, and attentive; and worked seamlessly with our photographer. We’re fairly camera/video shy but we were always comfortable around them as they filmed as if they weren’t even around so we felt completely natural. They were almost invisible (in a good way!) and even in our professional pictures and shared pictures from friends, we could barely notice them around, but they still managed to capture every scene perfectly without ever getting in the way. The editing team is also spectacular – they took all our comments into consideration and completed the videos earlier than expected. We even added on a documentary package post-wedding because we felt like they captured so many good scenes that we didn’t want to just archive away.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. The film your team created brought back all of the feels and good vibes from that day and we’re especially proud to show our loved ones.

Still from the day

Some of our favourite shots from Jonathan & Stephanie's big day