Josh & Dalia

Their Story

Josh & Dalia

Our Chicago wedding videography team filmed the wedding of Josh and Dalia at the Alhambra Restaurant in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. We had the joy of incorporating footage from their symbolic ceremony in Paris, France at the Notre Dame Cathedral to create this film. It was a pleasure to working alongside photographer Maxi Motyka, Blooming Flowers and makeup artist Ingrid Wissmann.

Location: Destination


Venue: Notre Dame Cathedral and Alhambra Restaurant

Film Category: Teaser


Saying that Amor In Motion is an amazing videography company is a HUGE understatement. I still can’t even believe I had the opportunity to work with them for my TWO wedding dates ( got legally married in front of family, eloped in Paris ) They agreed to combine my video and make it into one, by having my Paris videographer send them raw footage of our day in France. They made a beautiful insta video and highlight video for us. Our videographers we had on the day of (in Chicago) were so sweet, personable, and so fun to work with. Mari, who I had the pleasure of working with (was there for payments, any questions i had, etc) always kept me up to date with the video process which me & my husband appreciated because we were so excited. She worked with us for almost the past 10 months and was so sweet and professional the whole entire time. The way that this company edits their videos is so unique, cool, and special. SO worth every single last penny! I wouldn’t have traded my experience for a thing. Will keep these 2 videos forever and will always be taken back to the best days of my life! So blessed I took a chance to ask if they had anyone available for my wedding date (with their experience and professional editing skills I totally was prepared for them to tell me they had no one available) BUT they did & it was the best thing that could’ve happened for my wedding. Just book with them. You won’t regret it especially if you want a unique wedding video.

Still from the day

Some of our favourite shots from Josh & Dalia's big day