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Better Filming for Weddings

What do you need on your special day?


Our video services help you to make the most of your wedding event, and preserve those great moments for posterity.


We do that by relying on our skill and experience with covering these kinds of events. Over time, we’ve learned what works, and we have seen hundreds of weddings with the beautiful micro-moments that they hold, re-imagining what it means to really provide the right backdrop to one of these happenings.


Filming in Time


Whether it’s filming or photography, timing and accuracy is critically important at a busy wedding event.


If your photographer is loading up on chicken wings or running to the bathroom during the most important photo op moments, you’re not likely to get the same memorable coverage of the big day.


In fact, we go a step further and say that there are specific kinds of time management involved in covering a wedding, in either still photos or video. Yes, equipment matters, too, but equipment won’t save a plan that doesn’t involve looking for the right photo ops, or a lack of concern for the convenience of guests, or those other marks of professionalism that help a truly wonderful wedding service stand out. We want to be a great part of your big day!


Recognizing Cues


Throughout the ceremony and the reception, there are a number of time cues that are critically important for photographers or videographers to acknowledge and understand. We’d say there are typically several dozen of these that require our attention.


The ceremony is easier for some people to follow, because it tends to be more straightforward and official, such as when the two VIPs, the bride and the groom, enter or leave the sanctuary or other ceremonial space. It’s during the reception that many of the best moments can get lost without thorough professional coverage.


With that in mind, as we film, we are taking care to recognize those cues – for cake cutting or anything else – as they occur, and get to the right places to get those candid shots that are going to preserve your memories for the ages.


We could talk more about all of the gear that we use and the methods that we take advantage of to cover your big event, but you can also see more in terms of testimonials and other resources on the website, along with information that you can use to plan. See you there!